Youth Music Payments Portal

An easy to administer, bespoke events payment system for payees, and group leaders built as a web application in Vue.js, a progressive JavaScript framework for the London New Years Day Parade, working with our partners at Destination Events.

The Project

The project aim was to securely schedule and receive payments from multiple group participants within an easy to use, uncluttered dashboard. We needed to allow the client to edit existing users details and add new ones, set payment amounts and clearly see payment schedules in a visual representation.


The previous system was little more than an online spreadsheet and desperately needed updating.  It could be used to monitor participant payments, but payments could only be made by cheque – a tedious process given most participants were overseas. Destination Events needed an easy way to organise and collect these payments from their many event participants. They anticipated that a band leader would need to marshall their band, creating the various profiles and alerting them to due payments.



The choice to use Vue.js as a framework to build the web application meant we could make the payment system load quickly with smooth transitions, and we were able to include a live preview feature as the user is editing page content through a virtual DOM. Destination Events are able to use this bespoke front end to interact with the relational database – they can create and edit new parade categories, assign Band Leaders to these and assign other participants. While they can amend any data granularly our objective was to enable the band leaders to manage their own groups with minimal intercession by our client. To that end they are able to set payment schedules and participants will be reminded by email (and the various tags when they login) that payment is due.

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