LNYDP WordPress Responsive Events Theme

London New Years Day Parade, Rome Parade and Paris Parade websites fully rebuilt with bespoke, responsive, WordPress themes for our partner Destination Events. Featuring highly customisable options and unique interactive maps.

The Project

Designed by Mash, several existing high profile . This would be an exercise of strengthening and branding the family of parade sites, overhauled and standardised with templates that were customisable with individual site-by-site colour schemes and imagery. Concentrating on making the translation and administration tasks more cost effective.


Destination Events’ original websites for their three going concerns had become hard to administer and maintain, being spread over a mobile and desktop version for each. Updating and translating a site required four sets of updates and was time consuming, frustrating and costly. They required a more robust and easy to update content management system that would be future proof.


Built on Bootstrap, all three sites share a responsive, mobile first design. Encompassing a universal theme focused on easily publishing content from a variety of templates. Updateable route maps and features maps were provided alongside an interactive borough map highlighting areas taking part in the parades. Additionally the Rome New Years Parade translation feature improving their workflow was added to all sites.


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