A custom, high quality audio, dictaphone APP developed as a commercial APP for use on iPhone 5 and Android 8 up to the current versions, with sensitive voice activation and in-dictation-edit features, intended for use by KMS professionals.

The Project

The APP integrates with the KMS portal to provide KMS professionals a seamless method of organising and managing clinical data and typists providing transcriptions. Including the ability to review and edit before submission, the APP allows the user to pause and overwrite recordings and insert audio between dictations.


The process of recording clinical notes on dictaphones then uploading them to enable typists to download the recordings before transcribing them was difficult and laborious. The resultant notes where not easy to organise, and managing the employed typists’ hours unsatisfactory. KMS needed an easy to use app for their phones to take dictation that would do more than just record audio.


Connected over REST API, the APP automatically updates, even when the user stops and starts over several days use. Doctors are able to dictate clinical notes securely and upload them directly to the bespoke KMS portal for transcribing by typists.

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