CEVA SQP Online Training School

An interactive online training tool, where veterinary practitioners can take training courses, take exams and gain certifications for the continual development of their careers, to include an annual reminder service, helping students to keep their qualifications up to date. The custom PHP build using Laravel is packed full of functionality.


The Project

Responsive, clean and simple administration panel lets users manage their courses and print any qualifications gained, plus administrators are able to create, edit and manage courses and exams. Including features like the facility to embed videos from a private youtube channel, the site was intended for users to register and login, complete a course and take the appropriate exam. Each course module would become available incrementally once the previous module had been completed to allow for student progression.


Course documentation and downloads were made available to users once they had registered an account and completed courses. The administrators can customise each course, from title to colour scheme. A points value can be attributed to each course, along with a unique reference number. Notes, videos and any relevant course documents can be uploaded to each course with accompanying thumbnail image. The training tool is divided into modules and an exam, each with its own videos and descriptions. Each exam question can be edited and managed for multiple choice answers.


The comprehensive online training tool is easy to use for the administrator and the user, providing many useful features. Professional training for animal medicines advisors who are then entitled to prescribe and/or supply certain veterinary medicines.

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