Augusta Ventures

Fully international website spanning Europe, America, Canada and Australia, serving up content depending on the global location of the user.

The Project

To provide a fast loading site to a global audience featuring many custom options, tailoring the content for each global location in the backend. The site would have a lot of content from a global company which required a site that would scale.



Many unique areas of content designed to reveal more on a click by the user, for example tabs that turn into accordions which were specifically designed differently for mobile devices. It was important for the client to choose, in the backend content editor, whether certain parts would be visible to which country.



A filtering system was built into Cloudflare (a Content Delivery Network), which sets statistics and filters information on the site dependant upon geo location. Geo location also played a big part in the site’s team and careers sections, displaying different information for each respective country, including a recruitment section with searchable job postings.


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