You Don’t Have to Re-brand or Re-build to Generate More Leads

Fresh and up to Date

Keeping up with the times can make all the difference to your business. Every dated website will eventually need a polish as new technologies emerge and online styles change. Companies expand, employees need better, more efficient content management. Businesses develop new ways of reaching out to their customers and have to accommodate new practices. This is where we could help.


Generating New Business

Engagement is important, especially for generating leads and securing new business, you want to put your best foot forward, whilst not forgetting your existing clients, that need a straightforward transition to a new system.


Return on Investment

After an audit of their site some issues became clear. Improvements were identified that would definitely pay dividends for the company, realising their investment.

They first had to decide on whether to polish their existing system versus a larger cost of a complete rebuild. To achieve the improvements to functionality they required it would mean a rebuild, this would make the website future proof.


Functional First

Working closely with WellData directly, our custom WordPress build with live chat function, online sales enquiry and job request forms have provided a much needed update for the company.

Some important implementations were made to improve the performance of the site and speed up page loads. The first was to move their hosting package to a dedicated server,  secondly, the optimising of assets (for example, image sizes) was carried out site wide, streamlining the loading process. Also careful attention was paid to the Javascript and cascading style sheet files and how the website script order was being loaded.

The site was made more eye catching and lively with several smooth animations and sliders, and whilst the previous site was responsive, the new design took full advantage of bootstrap for displaying the content for multiple screen sizes.

A review section was added with an API, bringing in Google reviews left by customers into the website front end.


Winning Formula

Thanks to our close relationship with Welldata we were able to respond quickly to their digital marketing needs and adapt any designs for the site swiftly during the development process.

Reporting an increase in sales enquiries from the launch of the new site, the development team can sleep soundly, in the knowledge that their work has been a success.



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