Save Time and Improve Your Design Workflow With These Popular Tools

Ever thought that there should be some tool available that would speed up a design task? Ever been stuck trawling through the internet searching for the right profile picture to use, or couldn’t find the correct colour combination for a project? Then this collection of time savers might be for you.

If you’re already using some design tools then there will surely be one you haven’t found yet in this extremely useful compilation of essential helper tools and the latest trending tools for saving time and improving your design workflow.



Essential Tools and Resources




If you have ever encountered any special characters on social media feeds, unusual emojis or odd looking lettering, well here’s how they do it.  CopyChar is a basic app where you can find and copy special characters to your clipboard for you to paste into wherever you like. This tool is an unusually large amount of fun


Contrast Ratio


You can use this little site to check if your colour combinations will pass WCAG 2.0 accessibility tests.


Remove Background image


This great free tool removes any background image automatically just by uploading an image. It uses AI technology to detect foreground layers and separates them from the background whilst other algorithms improve fine details and prevents colour contamination. The free service is limited to images up to 0.25 megapixels for personal use with a premium option unlocking larger file sizes.



Meta Tags


Debug and generate meta code for websites. Meta tags, specific snippets of text and image content that provides a summary of a webpage, commonly showing up when the page is shared on social media.

With this tool you can edit and experiment with your content and then preview how your webpage will look on Goolge, Facebook, Twitter and more.




This colour scale generator is very helpful for creating a colour palette based on a branding colour or a great way to explore colours for a UI design.


Palette App


Palette app is a free tool that can help you build smooth colour schemes that flow from one colour to another with features that let you fine tune hue and saturation of each swatch in your palette and import and export colour schemes in JSON format.

It is particularly useful for updating legacy colours from an old colour scheme where shades and colours may have built up over time. You can use this tool to import the old colour scheme and find new colours that are similar automatically.


Small PDF


Not everyone has used Adobe’s Acrobat Pro, so if you need to convert and edit PDFs easily this online tool solves your problem. It is also available to download and as a chrome browser extension.


Paper Sizes


A quick free resource showing the International standard paper sizes, dimensions and formats. A clean, minimal interface, this tool works well on desktop and mobile and features over 250 international paper sizes in mm and inches.


UI Faces


Need some profile picture placeholders? Is your avatar looking too auto-generated? This aggregator will deliver all your UI needs with real looking photos. You can filter the results by age, gender, emotion and hair colour, to find your perfect imaginary user.



Grid Calculator


Calculate grids and export the results as an Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop file or as a pdf which you can use in an opaque layer as a guide. This tool makes it easy to visualise and manipulate grid layouts for your projects.


New Tools for 2019





optimise images for the web in one easy move. Drop your file onto the web page and it will be squooshed to the default settings, which is commonly a 50% reduction in file size with very little loss of quality. Give it a go if you have issues with image file sizes or you need to squeeze a few more Kb off an image for banner ads.


UI Bundle


Find free icons, fonts, UI kits, mockups and templates for platforms like Adobe XD, Illustrator and Photoshop plus sketch.  UI Bundle lets you search and filter for design resources and download them for free.


Promo Image Resizer


Get your images ready for social media and the web with this nice free tool. Upload an image have it populated into a variety of different sized templates for social media platforms, you can edit each individually before selecting the images you would like then downloading them as jpegs.



PIKA npm search

Find packages

Publish packages

Install packages


Find packages on npm. Pika’s aim is to make modern Javascript more accessible by making it easier to find, publish and install.



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